About us

A mortgage represents one of the most challenging aspects in one’s life. Most people who choose to buy a home will do it through this procedure. However, the loan can bring in plenty of headache for multiple reasons – being rejected, not being able to get enough money, being fooled into sketchy terms and conditions, wasting time running from one lender to another and so on. Fortunately, your struggle is over now. We were established in 2005 and we bring in a full service for those who need assistance with a mortgage. Whether this is your first mortgage, the second one or a bridging loan, we have everything you require for a good final choice.

Our company is specialized in assisting those who need a hand in the process. We can help you calculate the maximum amount of money you can get from certain lenders, but we will also help you get some hints on what your lifestyle will be after you get the loan – how much money you could spend month by month, what else you could afford and so on. It makes no difference if this is your first home or you are on a second mortgage – our team of professionals will make sure everything is clear for you to make a good decision.

We provide lots of free information on our website, but we also take it further and offer one on one assistance. Seek an appointment and get in touch with one of our professionals from any kind of question you might have. Our team of experts counts 14 real estate and banking professionals with over 100 years of experience altogether. Not only do we have the tools to help you out, but we will also share our experience and expose you to a series of different scenarios.